Top Commercial Locksmith Brooklyn Park, MN

We offer professional services for commercial locksmith. Whether you are upgrading, replacing, or repairing commercial locks, our experienced locksmith will be there any time to do the job. Our services are 24/7 and commercial care emergency services for all concerns and needs in Brooklyn Park, MN. We are available daily day and night including holidays.

Commercial services we offer include;

* Lock Installation- if you have new commercial building, Top Locksmith Brooklyn Park, MN experienced locksmith will install locks quickly and anytime you request.

* Lock repair- Top Locksmith Brooklyn Park, MN locksmith will repair locks that have been damaged at any time including at night, evening and holidays.

* Creation of new key for existing locks- we will create additional keys for your lock if your existing keys are misplaced, damaged or lost. Our quick response and services will reduce the inconveniences that may be caused by lack of your lock keys.

* Master key systems- we create master key systems for your business at affordable rates. 

* Electronic locks- if you need locks that are operated by electric current means, we offer services of creating electronic locks. They have fine access control, transaction logging and key control when they are connected to an access control system. We make the different types of electronic keys which include; 

* Magnetic lock- they are very attack resistant.

* Electric strikes

* Cylindrical locks and Electric mortise.

* Electrified exit hardware- mostly used in fire exit applications.

* Glass Door Locks- if your commercial doors are made of glass, Top Commercial Locksmith Brooklyn Park, MN locksmith can door the installation of the glass door locks. 

* Safe opening and combination changes- safes are the most used places to keep valuables in your business. If you can’t open your safe, call Top Locksmith Brooklyn Park, MN for combination changes and safe opening. Combination needs to be changed in case you forget your combination, employee change or lock malfunction. No matter the age of your lock, we can change the combination. Safe opening is done when you forget your combination or your lock fails to function. We can open your safe at any time you call and with quick response

* Key Extraction- since your business is so valuable to you; you cannot trust everybody with your keys. You can trust our Top Locksmith Brooklyn Park, MN locksmith to extract keys for your commercial doors. They are of high integrity, trusted, and they understand your interest in your investment which needs maximum security. There are rules and procedures the locksmith follows to ensure customer satisfaction and security of their investment. The locksmiths are highly educated with good integrity records.

* Door closer- we install the various interior door closers including; surface- mounted, concealed in floor, concealed in frame or concealed in door. Manual and automatic door closers are available according to your preference.

* Deadbolt Installation- we install deadbolt whether they are single or double cylinder operated. The deadbolt is mostly used on an entry to your commercial building.

Other commercial services that Top Locksmith Brooklyn Park, MN offers include; lock set delivery and installation, hardware repair, office/ business lockout, commercial lock repair and installation and much more.